F&G Tool and Die has 30+ presses ready to
handle your jobs. We run a variety of parts
for the: automotive, appliance, aerospace,
agricultural, telecommunications, consumer
goods and electrical industries. In most cases
your parts can be produced with less scrap
which is a more cost effective part for you.
No matter what the application, let us quote
your production stamping.
These Complex parts were made
with speed and efficiency using
the Multi-Slide process.
Multi-Slide and Four-Slide production processes are often substantially more flexible and efficient
than conventional stamping methods. Multi-Slide machines feed coiled flat or wire stock through
up to three stages of multiple-axis stamping, bending or forming in rapid succession…usually
completing a part with each stroke. Punching, piercing, notching, extruding, curling, embossing,
coining, tapping, riveting, stacking, assembly and much more. All these processes performed in a
continuous motion and often, without a secondary, off-line operation of any kind. That's efficiency.
Compact dies can be used to punch or form a remarkable variety of shapes, while many
operations can be performed by single "slide-form" tooling that often consists of a cam to bend
or shape the stock around a mandrel. For more complex assemblies, pre-fabricated parts can
be hopper-fed into position and assembled directly to the stamping as it's being formed on the
Multi-Slide machine. Slide-forming is versatile, precise, fast and extremely efficient.

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