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A full complement of over 130 pieces
of conventional and CNC machinery are
available to meet your most challenging jobs.
Our CNC mills, machining centers, EDM's, lathes,
grinders and other equipment are all top notch.

F&G Tool and Die is also a full
service stamping house.

F&G has over 20 in-house vertical presses
to meet all your stamping demands.
With capacities up to 350 tons and beds up
to 86'' we are your choice for precision
stamping jobs.

We have over 30 Multi-Slide presses ranging in sizes of #28, #33, #35 & #820.
We also have Nilson four-slide presses to meet your production needs.
Our climate controlled warehousing is efficient and clean. All parts are inspected
and tracked using the latest equipment including CMM & SPC capabilities.

F&G Tool and Die can take your project from die design to production sign-off.
Then parts can be ordered, produced, warehoused and shipped to suite the
customer's needs. No matter if it is high precision, prototype, pre-production or
large quantity stampings, F&G is ready for the task.

F&G Tool Die Company
3024 Dryden Road
Dayton, Ohio 45439
Phone: 937-294-1405      Fax: 937-294-3862

130 Industrial Drive
Franklin, Ohio 45005
Phone: 937-746-3658      Fax: 937-746-1885